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Elevated PSA Specialist

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Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men, and a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is one of the screening tools for prostate cancer. Expert urologist Jared Wallen, MD, and the team at YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness in Sarasota, Florida, offer screenings to test for elevated PSA levels and fusion technology to confirm or rule out prostate cancer. To schedule an evaluation, call the office or book online today.

Elevated PSA Q & A

What is a PSA test?

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is a screening tool for prostate cancer. The test measures PSA levels in your blood. 

PSA is an antigen produced by noncancerous and cancerous tissue in your prostate. It’s normally found in your semen, with small amounts circulating in your blood. 

You may benefit from an annual PSA test once you reach age 50, or 45 if you have prostate cancer risk factors, such as family history or ethnicity.

What does an elevated PSA test mean?

The PSA test is only one screening tool for prostate cancer. Though an elevated PSA test may indicate prostate cancer, other factors may affect your blood PSA levels. This includes benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an inflamed prostate. 

When your PSA test is elevated, you need additional screenings to determine the underlying cause. YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness specializes in men’s health and conditions that affect the prostate and can provide the answers you need. 

What can I expect during a PSA consultation?

When you visit YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness to check for elevated PSA, you can expect a comprehensive and patient-focused exam. During your consultation, your provider reviews your personal medical history, as well as your family history.

Taking a holistic approach to care, they also ask about your lifestyle habits, including your usual diet, exercise routine, and daily stressors. Your provider then performs a physical exam and additional screenings to further evaluate the root cause of your elevated PSA levels.

The screenings may include a urine test to rule out a urinary tract infection. The team also performs diagnostic imaging tests, such as an MRI or ultrasound.

What is fusion technology for elevated PSA?

Fusion technology is an advanced screening tool for prostate cancer. It combines MRI/ultrasound-guided imaging with a prostate tissue biopsy. 

During a normal prostate biopsy, your provider takes several samples of prostate tissue. Because prostate cancer is a slow-growing cancer, the biopsy may not collect cancerous tissue.

With fusion technology, your provider at YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness can see the tumor in your prostate and collect an adequate sample so you get the right diagnosis.

Using screening and fusion technology ensures the safest care for all patients.

To get the answers you need about your elevated PSA levels, call YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness or book an appointment online today.