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Men’s Health Survivorship Fund



The logo represents the Men’s Health Survivorship Fund. The logo is specifically designed for the fund. We started with the light blue ribbon in the background for Prostate cancer awareness which is the most common solid organ tumor in men. 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed in their life. With appropriate visits to your doctor and screening we can help men age happier and healthier. The golden triangle represents the Golden Urologic triad of Men’s Health, the PP&T if you will. The Prostate, Penis, and Testicles of which causes the majority of Men’s Sexual Health problems as we age. Common problems can include Low Testosterone levels, Enlarged Prostate, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies disease, and many others. This fund is meant to attempt to help Men with problems related to these items both from an educational standpoint and also with monetary grants to help Men AFFORD to get surgeries they need.

Here are 3 places to find more information:
1) MensHealth Survivorship Fund at Facebook (
2) Email us at:
3) Instagram: @menshealthsurvivorship

What we want you to know:

  • ALL proceeds of this fund are strictly for patients benefit above and beyond the costs to manage the fund.
  • All patients will require a full Eval and Management consult as well as diagnostic studies with surgical plan from a Board Certified Urologist in the United States. Funds will be issued as a reimbursement for cost paid with itemized receipts.
  • Ladies we love you too!!! AND we need your Help. You all have at least One Man you love in your lives… If that man had a surgery called radical prostatectomy for his prostate cancer when he was still healthy later in life and was confined to diapers due to urinary incontinence, and having accidents in public wouldn’t you want to help him regain control and live HIS life again? THAT’S what we want TOO!!
  • Patient selection will open at the appropriate future time and will require submission of records and letter from treating Surgeon for review by the Board of Directors.
  • Follow us on Facebook (MensHealth Survivorship Fund) and Instagram (@Menshealthsurvivorship) for updates and events and the upcoming trek Up the KIL-A-MAN JARO Mountain by the Men’s Health Survivorship Fund Team. We will be summitting the Highest Point in the World (19,300 feet) that doesn’t require climbing TO RAISE MONEY FOR and CREATE further EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS of Men’s Health Problems. 

Directly Increase Access to Care for Men Who are Quality of Life Survivors (QOLs). Specifically, this group aims to raise funds and, through a board review process, accept applications for grants for patients across the United States to help them gain access to surgical interventions that can enhance their Quality of Life.

We understand that Men are living Longer and Longer. We also know that as We age, we are exposed to a variety of life events such as decline in normal hormones, chemotherapy or surgery, abuse of cigarettes/drugs/alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, and many other common health conditions like Diabetes or High Blood Pressure that many of our pelvic functions.

We care about your health and more specifically the Quality of Your Life the entire time you are here on Earth. We certainly agree that many noble other causes exist especially for cancers and many other health conditions. Our fund is focused on QOL Survivors of the above noted life events or medical problems because we have so many amazing treatments for these other advanced medical problems that we are seeing more and more Survivors with QOL problems.

After initial fundraising the Plan would be to Sponsor 1-10 patients a year, or more, to get interventions for specific problems that relate to Men’s Health. The focus of this foundation is to help Men Pay for Life Restoring surgical intervention for their Enlarged Prostate or BPH, Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary Incontinence, Peyronies Disease, or Fertility issues. We started this fund with the understanding that 2/3 of people who go bankrupt in the United States are due to medical bills and the knowledge that Insurance Companies are shifting costs more and more to the private payer. We also know that many of these types of procedures can have hurdles for insurance funding.

Examples of patients we want to help:

CAN YOU IMAGINE at 45 years as a Man having Erectile dysfunction and OR Urinary leakage after having surgery for an advanced Prostate Cancer? I am NOT by any means saying that these things are More Important than Curing Cancer, I am saying that THESE things are becoming more prevalent and important. Cancer incidence is on the rise and many of these radical treatments with curative intent cause the above quality of life problems (and others) in 50-90% patients post-treatment. It’s a vicious cycle. Further, costly restorative surgery can be difficult to afford if not covered by insurance plans, especially as we get older and many folks are living on shrinking incomes. I also know that 2/3 of bankrupt Americans are due to medical bills. That’s bogus and shameful as an American to see those numbers. Why can’t people afford health care and to live and enjoy life?

Do you know a member of our armed forces?

FIRST OF ALL GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM. Second and on a more serious in my Training at the James A Haley VA Hospital system in Tampa, FL I was able to care for many of the veterans that were fortunate enough to escape their deployments with their lives but not so fortunate enough to escape with all of their spinal cord and motor functions intact or working. Again and in all seriousness God bless them. However, many Men can have neurogenic causes to their ED or Urinary Incontinence depending on the extreme injury they sustained in battle, but not all of these can be solved with medications. If someone put their life on their line for my freedom then I’m damn sure happy to try to help these folks have a normal and enjoyable life.

Fundraising Events (due to COVID these event dates are TBD): 

  • Mt. Kiliminjaro
  • Men’s Health Walk
  • Survivor’s Gala

Thank you and please consider donating (money or collaboration) for the benefit of all our Future MHSF Survivors.

Dr. Jared J. Wallen

Founder and President Men’s Health Survivorship Fund 


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