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Peyronie's Disease Specialist

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Peyronie’s disease may negatively affect your sexual intimacy and quality of life. Expert urologist Jared Wallen, MD, and the team at YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness in Sarasota, Florida, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of Peyronie’s disease. They offer innovative treatments to alleviate your symptoms and improve your sex life. For an evaluation, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Peyronie's Disease Q & A

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease occurs when you develop scar tissue under the skin in your penis from injury or trauma. The scar tissue may cause a bend or indentation in your penis during an erection, which can cause pain. 

The change in the structure and function of your penis from Peyronie’s disease may affect your emotional and physical well-being. At YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness, the team believes an early diagnosis and treatment plan produces the best outcomes.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease?

Your Peyronie’s disease symptoms may develop slowly over time or appear suddenly. Common symptoms include:

  • A penis that curves upward or downward when erect
  • Lumps or bumps under the skin of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Shortening of your penis

Over time, the curvature in your penis may worsen.

What causes Peyronie’s disease?

Most often, Peyronie’s disease develops from an injury to the penis during sports, aggressive sex, or some other accident. 

However, researchers also theorize that Peyronie’s disease may be related to a larger immune system issue. In this case, the immune system attacks the tissue in your penis, causing inflammation and scarring.

You may be at greater risk of developing Peyronie’s disease if you have Dupuytren’s contracture. This is a type of hand deformity that develops from a thickening of the tissue under the skin in the palm of your hand. 

How is Peyronie’s disease diagnosed?

Your provider at YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness diagnoses Peyronie’s disease during a physical exam. They can diagnose the condition whether or not you have an erection.

If scar tissue is found during a physical exam, your provider may give you an injection to create an erection to assess the curvature. They may also perform an ultrasound or X-ray to find the exact location of the scar tissue.

How is Peyronie’s disease treated?

YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness offers advanced care for penile curvature. This includes in-office, nonsurgical treatments, as well as surgical treatments for severe disease.


In most cases, the team uses medications and therapies to manage Peyronie’s disease. Nonsurgical treatment may include special injections, supplements, or oral medication that decreases inflammation and reduces further buildup of scar tissue.


For severe cases of Peyronie’s disease, YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness offers surgical interventions. The surgery they perform depends on the severity of the condition and may include grafting or implantation of a device.

To schedule your consultation with the experts at YOU & WEE Urologic Surgery & Wellness, call the office or book an appointment online today.