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Men’s Health Survivorship Fund


Goal: To enhance the quality of life of Men across the country.

Mission: We recognize that in this life many things that are beyond our control can put us in situations we cannot physically, financially, mentally, or otherwise solve ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to good health, as many people take for granted, which is very precious and can change majorly in moments. The mission of this fund is to help Male Survivors** regain Quality of Life (QOL) they may have otherwise lost through whatever it is that they have survived to get to this day in their life. Our goal is to restore the QOL to any and every male patient we possibly can.

**Survivor (n) – In OUR minds a survivor is anyone whom has persevered through a major life event and, although maybe a little damaged, has come out on the other side of whatever stood in their way and wants to live life again.



1. Mr E. is a 65 year old African American Male and was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 62. He underwent a Robotic Radical Prostatectomy (removal of his prostate) for treatment of his disease. Initially he did well and the recovery from his surgery was normal. And 3 years after surgery his PSA remains normal at >0.01. He had his catheter removed and was doing pelvic
floor therapy for his urinary incontinence. Which was somewhat severe at first, requiring 6-7 pads a day. With time and recovery he was able to regain some continence and was only using 3-4 pads a day. Mr E. is a Survivor of his Prostate Cancer, BUT Mr E. has a QOL problem leaking on himself requiring 3- 4 pads/diapers a day and he does not like to go out in public any more due to the fear that he will wet his pants.

2. Mr W. is a 29 year old veteran from the Army whom was honorably discharged after service due to disability from and ICD explosion. He became a paraplegic that day and has to perform Intermittent passage of a catheter to drain his bladder. He also has Erectile Dysfunction and although his sensation is intact he cannot participate in activities to foster the growth of his family. Mr W. is a survivor of his ICD explosion, BUT Mr W. has a QOL and reproductive health problem preventing his family from growing.

3. Mr P. is a 56 year old man whom was a former college athlete in the track & field and previously was married and had 2 kids. He had been otherwise doing well, but recently has noticed some urgency of urination, and slowed stream in which he has to run to the bathroom fast and especially when he is at work he has to know where every bathroom is so he does not make a mess of his suit. He also recently had two urinary tract infections and his primary doctor is concerned about the function of his kidneys on recent lab work. Unfortunately for him he was the breadwinner of the family and he recently lost his job. He has tried medications for his enlarged prostate but they just didn’t seem to help him enough. Mr P. is a survivor of his recent social situation in which he lost his job, but he obviously has some severe QOL issues due to his prostate from a urination standpoint.

These are just a few examples of Men whom have Survived, but need our HELP to gain their Lives back.


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