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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Testing


Prostate Cancer is a Hereditary Cancer

New research reveals that up to 1 in 6¹ men with prostate cancer have a hereditary, disease-causing mutation.

New testing allows Dr. Wallen to know if a patient has an inherited mutation that may have caused his cancer. This powerful information allows Dr. Wallen to significantly improve a patient’s risk stratification and could unlock new targeted therapies.

How would knowing your mutation status change your treatment?

If you have a significant genetic mutation, you are at higher risk for poor outcomes and could be under-treated.

Did you know that men with localized prostate cancer and BRCA mutations are²:

  • 6× more likely to die from prostate cancer within 5 years
  • 4× more likely to develop prostate cancer metastasis within 5 years
  • Projected to live around 7 fewer years

Hereditary prostate cancer is frequently more aggressive than sporadic or familial prostate cancers, and this information should be factored into medical decision-making. Patients with germline mutations may be at risk for multiple primary tumors and hereditary cancer testing is the only way to know which patients are at risk.

myGeneHistory, offered through our partner, Myriad Genetics, Inc., is a simple questionnaire that asks you about your personal and family cancer histories. Your answers are then compared with national guidelines for hereditary cancer, which informs your healthcare provider if you qualify for hereditary cancer testing.

Want to see if you’re eligible for testing? Click the link below!

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Who should be tested?

National guidelines recommend hereditary cancer testing be considered for all men who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Metastatic Prostate Cancer
  • Gleason Score 8 or higher
  • Gleason Score 7 and one of the following:
    • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, OR
    • 1 family member with ovarian cancer, OR
    • 1 family member with pancreatic cancer, OR
    • 1 family member with breast cancer at 50 years old or younger, OR
    • 2 family members on the same side of the family with breast or prostate cancer at any age

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